Monday, January 10, 2005

Cash or Cache

Here at work I sometimes deal with a company called InstantCash which is an ATM network associated with Wells Fargo and other banks. That part doesn't matter... what matters is how many times I write the name as InstantCache... I find myself spelling cash as cache all too often now.

In other news the Blazers have lost 4 in a row... they suck... the best part of them losing is that you get to see some of the young guys get opportunities to play. I look for Sebastian Telfair to start tonights game vs Philadelphia. This kid is the future of the team and if we are going to lose I'd prefer we did it with him on the court... at least he's exciting to watch. Travis Outlaw is another good young player... he can jump so high he has to watch out not to hit his head on the rim... and his jump shot is looking good. Even Ha Seung-Jin has seen some playing time... I don't think he's ready to contribute yet, but the Blazers have some good development oriented coaches (as shown by the progress of Outlaw) I have a lot of faith that Ha will be ready to play in a season or two.

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