Friday, August 12, 2005


Well this week has been torture. As part of my job I am suppose to strictly adhear by the banks IT Policy... that policy has to meet federal regulations. So occasionally we have Regulators or Auditors to check up on how well we follow these policies. There are 3 kinds of audits... Federal, State, and Internal. This week was my turn to have an internal audit on just the IT department (which is pretty much just me.) Internal means we hire a third party company to come in and look at our practices. Since we hire them they are usually much nicer, but it is still un-nerving to have someone going through all the work you do looking for problems. My big problem is that the feds like to see documentation on everything... and I hate to document anything... in fact before any audit I usually have to fudge a few items :) Well anyway this has kept me pretty busy and I haven't really thought much about geocaching or poker tables even.

My poker table items were on back order but were shipped Wednesday. I figure I should get them next week. Then I can start the build... being that I have yet to start I had better not quote a timeline, but I know how fast I'd like it done.

Tonight I am heading up to Waldo Lake camping. I plan to do a cache or two as well depending on the weather. Will be nice to relax for a while.

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