Thursday, August 25, 2005


Wow was yesterday a busy day... I visited every branch of the bank and probably didn't sit at my desk for 30 minutes total. Around 5:30 I was still in Cave Junction and still not done, but I left things like they were and called it a day, but a couple hours later I went back to the main branch to finish up some other items. So thats why my blog had no update.

My geocoin on eBay is up to $23.50... which isn't bad. It will end Sunday and that is when the bidding will probably pick up a little.

Recently I've been having a lot of problems with my jaw popping when I eat... and it is pretty painful... and for a fat guy to be in pain when he eats is not a good thing. I got to reading online and I think I have a magnesium deficiency. As silly as it sounds I found a lot of websites that said I need more magnesium in my diet and it also said to set up your computer workstations correctly so you had good posture... and my PC at home is not correct at all. So I guess I need to get in the habit of sitting straight, and I'm taking some magnesium suplements. Also I scheduled an appointment for a dentist but as a new patient I couldn't get in until October if it wasn't an emergency... I'm not paying extra just for him to tell me to take some magnesium.

My poker table has made very little progress... none actually... I bought a brand new and spendy holesaw to drill holes for my cup holders. This weekend I'll go buy the vinyl and padding for the rail... all I really need is some time and this weekend I agreed to stay at my uncles so I probably won't get anything done.

Geocaching? I remember when I use to go about every weekend... I ought to find a few in Medford on Saturday... that should be fun.

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