Tuesday, August 23, 2005


My geocoin auction is up to $11.02

I have several extra geocoins... at first I considered putting them in one lot, but I think they sell better individually. I don't want to list too many of them as that will cause market overload. Right now there are 14 listings on eBay if you search for "geocoin." I can use the extra money for my upcoming trip to Reno...

Next month I get to go to a Bank Technology Summit. I could care less about the conferense... I get 2 days off work to play in Reno! I've never been so it should be fun. I've even got a cache or two planned. I already booked my hotel for the conference days, but I am considering going a day earlier on the weekend... sadly the hotel I was staying at is full... so I'd have to stay at someplace different. I expect this to be a pretty expensive trip.

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