Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Solution

Jeremy has introduced his answer to locationless and virtual caches.


This site is in its early stages of development and is currently open only to premium members. Your finds are seperate from GC.com... it is a game all its own. I think it is interesting but not sure how well I like it... seems like you can have infinate finds of infinate items. You can even log this website.

Gentlemen's Clubs have already been proposed as a category. While support is lacking I'm surprised there isn't more opposition... I'm trying my best to stir up the embers :) Of course I myself don't see anything wrong with the idea... its just a bunch of waypoints... and it looks like you can log about anything else. Do we really have to protect children from info they could get out of the phonebook?

Maybe next I'll propose brothels :) that should get some people worked up.


Absoblogginlutely! said...

lol about the brothels.

Al said...
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blazerfan said...

"post has been removed", :( now I'll always wonder what it said.

I'm pretty happy to have a few more visitors... if you go a month back you can see some pictures I posted.