Monday, August 08, 2005

More table making

So yesterday I bought some folding table legs. I also decided that the padded rail might just be too hard for me to do... I thought I had a perfect solution but the cup holders are in the way. I might still look into it, but if I can round off the edge of the oak boards it will be good enough. So anyway if I scrap the rail I have everything I need (at least on order)

Now I just need to start cutting... I think I can cut the plywood with a regular circular saw... all the oak boards will require something a little better. Lucky for me I work with a guy who has some better woodworking tools. My one big problem right now is that my dad has plenty of plywood, but it is buried... it will take some work to get it out of the shed. I can't wait to get it started... since I'm going camping this weekend I would guess that I won't get much done until next week. We'll see how long it takes for all my stuff to get here.

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