Saturday, August 06, 2005

Poker Table

I've been looking around for a poker table... the ones I've found online are pretty expensive... ones I've seen for sale around here are pretty cheap. So I have decided to make my own table. Most tables are either large ovals (for 10 players) or octagonal (8 players)... a large oval table is much too large for myself so I decided to try an Octagon... I took some quick measurements and decided that 8 people at such a table would be pretty cramped... besides most of the time we play with 6. So I have decided to make a rare 6 sided table... only problem is that I was never very good at geometry... I got A's in Calculus, but I got a D in geometry. Anyway I now have in hand or on order

1 sheet 1/2" plywood
3 Oak boards for an outside edge (3/4"x6"x96")
4 feet suited poker cloth
4 feet backing foam
6 stainless steel cup holders

I still need some folding table legs, stain + finnish for the oak "race track", and foam with covering to make a padded rail. So now I only have one more problem... I have to put it all together... that requires some woodcutting... Sadly I don't have a table saw or anything accurate enough to cut all the pieces. Let alone I don't really have anyplace to work on it. Sometimes I ought to think my projects through a little better.


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blazerfan said...

No tests, books or exams!!! Damn... I went to the wrong #^@%!*& school obviously. Probably cheaper too.

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