Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lazy weekend

Well this was kindof a lazy weekend for me. Saturday I went and looked at a lot more poker table stuff... but I didn't end up buying anything or doing any work on it. I decided it needed a padded rail despite the problems I might have getting it on there. I found my dad does have a saw that can cut those oak boards, but I need something to drill the 3.5" holes for the cup holders. I can order a holesaw on the internet... might be the best way to go. Next weekend I am house sitting for my uncle so I probably won't get any work done for another week.

Today I also listed a geocoin on eBay. There is a lot of controversy over selling geocoins on the internet. I guess they think selling them will make people more apt to take them from caches and sell them on eBay. There is a strong market for geocoins... and I own this one legit... so its mine to sell. I just thought I'd see how it does... this is a pretty rare geocoin I think it will do well.

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