Friday, December 17, 2004


Sometimes I like to look at the old caches around and see if they've been found lately or are missing. Today I noticed one of my favorite old caches I Hate I-5 (Top of the World) is missing. Since it is a J-freaks cache it is not going to be checked by the owner. They are not active and abandoned all of their caches... so I won't be accused of playing GeoCop if I put an archive note on the cache. I've never met J-freaks they may be good people but my opinion of them is low since the way they abandoned their caches... only a handful survive now but I have wasted a lot of time searching for some of them.

While I try not to annoy active cachers there have been times were there were a lot of disabled and missing caches that have just sat around in the area... if no one speaks up then we just have a bunch of crap on our cache map and it doesn't make our area look very good. Rural caches especially seem to sit unmaintained... no wonder few people venture out of town.

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