Monday, December 06, 2004

499 and counting

With Uncle Duck's new cache "Paper Anyone" I am now sitting at find #499. It was also my 12th FTF. Duck just happened to be FTF on my newest cache today as well.

Biggie et_al wrote to tell me today that my cache Big Pine, Ancient Pine? was missing. It should have been an easy find so I archived it. I'll go up and have a look... maybe hide a new cache or two, but that will probably be in the spring.

Last night I made two new coin trades, and today I braved the wind and rain to go to the post office to send them out. I enjoy trading coins almost as much as I like to go geocaching. I'll take a new picture of my collection soon.

I am also pretty happy with myself for keeping my blog active... now I wonder if anyone actually reads it

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