Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

I learned something new a few weeks back. If a federal Holiday is on a Saturday the bank does not close on Friday, but if Christmas would have been on Sunday then we'd close for Monday. What a bunch of $#!^. So I am working today. I suppose it could be worse.

As for geocaching news Today's Cacher is talking about becoming a true printed magazine. Right now it is internet only which is handy for having links to caches and such, but I think a printed version would be pretty nice. First however the contents need to improve. As it is now I find myself reading very little of it. But talking about improving it does no good without some action... so I plan on writing an article myself. I know what your saying... I've talked about a camping event, a Grants Pass cache machine, puzzle caches, and an ABA basketball team and so far there's been nothing. Well this time is probably no different, but it is my plan... and one of these days I'll probably do a couple of these things I've said.

My Whack-a-Penguin score is up to 323.5

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