Thursday, December 09, 2004

ABA basketball

To change the subject of the blog again I am looking into the idea of bringing an ABA basketball team to Southern Oregon. Like most of my grand projects it is probably all talk and no action but the idea of owning my own minor league basketball team is intriguing.

The price is incredibly low. The entrance fee for the ABA is $10,000. So with 10k and a business plan you can own an ABA team. So now I need a business plan. The operation cost of an ABA team should be $300k to $500k which of course I don't have. So of course my first step would be to create a corporation to run the team... so if it went bankrupt my personal credit wouldn't be hurt. As for a venue I think Compton Arena which can seat 3,320. It seems to be about average for an ABA team. Then we'd need a hardwood court we could assemble on site as well as baskets. And how many people will attend... need some market research. This is getting expensive.

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