Thursday, December 02, 2004

Geocoin trades

I have new trades pending with joefrog and Defender1 for my blazerfan geocoins. I should also soon be receiving a few wooden nickels I have traded for. I have traded with many people and only once got cheated... I might write to that person again someday and see whats up... they probably just forgot... but it was only for wooden nickels so I was never upset by it.

I have also been made aware that if you google KV Coins (googled) that the third item is a post of mine about them in the GC forums. So far I know of two new geocoins that will be made by KV thanks in part to my referal. Christmas seems to be the time for geocoins as I have heard many people mention that they have designs in the works. I can't wait to see some new coins.

I am also 3 away from my 500th cache. I am looking for something close, but slightly challenging. Maybe this one.

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