Wednesday, December 22, 2004


After 20 consecutive days I forgot to update my blog yesterday. Not a good sign.

I forgot to mention that the first geocoin (#14) I left in a cache has been found by BDC.

Also my travel bug Mosquito Trap is on the move again. It had been held by a cacher for over a year and I emailed them and they placed it. They sounded like good people... but they never found time for geocaching... which means they were never too serious about it. I do wish newbies would think before they pick up a bug. I never pick up bugs anymore... it is too much of a pain to move them along... and I do try to help bugs toward their goals since they have goals for a reason.

My most traveled bug is Skippy the Giraffe with 4053 miles. Some of his stops were never logged. He's been in Oregon, California, Illinois, Wyoming (but never logged into the cache), Montana and Idaho. The last cacher to pick him up has had him a few weeks but is still active so I'm not worried... he was once held for 7 months.

Travel bugs are good in theory but the reality of them is that:
They often sit in caches a long time
People will hold them for weeks (or forever)
Many forget to log them
Most don't care about the goals
Their chances of disapearing are very high

Being that just the tag costs $5 or so its not worth the money.

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