Friday, September 02, 2005

Well last night I got the oak boards attached to my table. I even remembered to take a few pictures to document the progress. In case you are wondering... No, that is not a bible I was using as a weight on the boards it is "The Illustrated Dictionary and Concordance of The Bible" Which is a very useful book for looking up names of people and places mentioned in The Bible... but I usually use it to hold stuff down.

This next picture shows a little more clearly how the table was constructed. Notice I attached the legs as well.

Last Night I got the last board glued on and had one bad corner that needed clamped. I took the clamp off today and it seemed to be straighted out. Today I'll drill holes for the cup holders. and I'll put in some wood filler. This weekend will be sand and finish... followed by the rail... and hopefully done :)

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