Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I could have swore I wrote something for this blog yesterday... must not have gotten sent. Well I am just a few days from leaving for Reno. I need to figure out what caches I'll do... so tonight I'll do some searching along my route and pick out a few along the way as well as a few when I get there. In those 4 days I hope to find a few caches... I could find a bunch but I doubt I'll dedicate that much time to caching. I have to find a good balance of caching, sightseeing, gambling, driving, eating and sleeping... oh yea, there is some sort of conference I have to attend I guess.

Last night I talked to my cousin Shelly for a while and discovered her husband Tony is into geocaching... but she isn't. So it sounds like one of these weekends we'll go geocaching... that should be fun, maybe I can talk them all into coming to an event.

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