Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm back

Well I got back from my trip last night. I might have made blog entries if I actually had internet... the room advertised a dataport, but it was actually an extra phone jack to dial out. Wireless was charged by the hour. My PDA seems to surf the net fine and handle cache pages fine, but this blog site it really has trouble with.

Day 1: Driving down I found several caches on I-5 and the hwy. Got them all logged last night. Had a lot of fun and even found a wooden nickel from a Canadian geocacher. Then it started raining pretty hard around Susanville so I scrapped the last few caches and drove on down.

Day 2: I made the trip to Carson City. I wanted to see the capital and maybe check out the museum. I also knew CC would be much easier to navigate for caching... and it was. Sadly I had goofed up my PDX files on my PDA so I had no desciptions or hints. I looked for a few caches, but gave up on most. I found 3 total... and a lot of rocks... two of the caches were out Hwy 50 near the world famous Bunny Ranch :) I had to go have a look... just the outside I swear. I have pictures maybe I'll post them. Anyway I never ended up in the museum I mainly spent my time at the Carson Nugget and the Pinion Plaza before I went back to Reno and the Silver Legacy Casino.

Day 3: On day 3 I had the conference. The conference was boring, all very general info... there were a lot of venders and I was looking for stuff... so that was nice. After the conference I spent some time in the Casino and then I walked around Reno a little.

Day 4: The conference ended after lunch, but I skipped that part to get a head start on the drive. I didn't stop for any caches just gas and lunch. I made good time and was home well before dark.

I hope it is in Vegas next year.

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