Thursday, September 01, 2005


Well my poker table took a huge step forward. I got all the oak boards cut, and today I should get a few of them glued on. I only have enough clamps to do one board at a time... so progress will be slow.

As soon as I get all the boards glued I'll drill holes for cup holders and then I'll sand them. There are a lot of steps left and already there are troubles... mainly the boards don't exactly fit together perfect... will have to use a little wood filler. And the felt top will need a little work before all is said and done. I'll probably go ahead and put the legs on tonight an make it more table like.

Looks like I'll be heading to Reno with gas prices at an all time high. Good thing I'm not paying! I wonder if Reno gets more traffic from people driving or flying? I'll try not to let gas prices get me down too much... I'll plan for a few caches. I also booked a different hotel a day in advance so I'll go down Saturday the 10th and come back Tuesday.

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