Monday, December 05, 2005


Try as I might I couldn't make a blog update last night as the blogger update site seemed to be down everytime I tried... oh well you'll just have to read yesterdays news today. On Saturday Sally and I went to the EVC Coin Event and had a fun time. Before the event we found 3 caches.

Camp Howitzer
Al Quacka Sleeper Cell - Oregon

We looked for another that I had coords for but no hints... I guess it was up in a tree. Not really worthy of posting a DNF.

After we left the event we found 2 more caches

Passion Cache
Gary Who?

We couldn't find Fully Contained 2 which was one I needed for the coin quest as it had 3 numbers matching in the coords. I did find a letterbox which has been confused for this cache in the past. Rather than just log the letterbox I decided to do things right and yesterday I took off to Eagle Point to find Blue Star Memorial which met the same requirement.

So tonight I'll be able to log my last cache for the Coin Quest and hopfully I can solve the puzzle and get a coin. The quest has been a lot of fun and I kind of hate to see it come to an end.

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