Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gasquet and back

Well today I took off with Riddlers to find Two Tracks' series of Chess and Shotglass caches. The caches pretty much stretch fro Selma, OR to Gasquet, CA all together I logged 35 caches today. That was a pretty big day... but I think I have found more than that a couple of times before. One of the highlights today is that I logged my 800th cache on Chess #13.

Saturday was Pizza XXXIV which was a good time. Even Lazyboy showed up... guess the stars were aligned right. SallyC and I picked up 5 caches before the event... and we also stopped to hide one, Sally's Toy Cache. We hid the cache at Cantrall Buckley park which like many parks in Jackson County has been avoided because of a day use fee... which is sad because it is a great park and could easily support many caches. No lack of good hiding spots either. No one was around to collect the fee on Saturday so you might go get this one now while it is not as highly enforced.

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