Friday, December 02, 2005

3 more to go

Well I have 3 more caches to complete for the coin quest. Last night I got Roots and Wings which was also by a statue, but I needed the FTF more. I'll be able to log it for the Coin Quest today and that will leave me with 3 caches to complete

last 3 digits match
placed in 2003

Tomorrow I am going to Eugene and within a couple miles of the EVC Coin event are caches matching all the requirements I need. It is coming down to the wire for me as I will probably just squeak into the top 250... if not for the archiving of jfreaks virtuals I could have been finished as a trip to Medford could have easily netted me these last requirements. Oh well... I suppose if I really wanted to be done I would have went on a road trip last weekend.

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