Thursday, December 01, 2005

statue cache

Well I've been needing a statue cache for the coin quest and there has been one within .15 miles of my office all this time. Today I found DrDan's The First Brick Building in GP Town. Within 10 feet is an 8 foot tall nutcracker statue. Dan nicely sent me an email last night to remind me of that fact. I knew all those nutcrackers around town were good for something. So now I have 4 requirements left

Last 3 digits matching
Placed in 2003

Saturday SallyC and I are going to the EVC Coin Event. While coins might have been enough to lure me there it will be easy to pick up the last 3 of those requirements. Now I just need a FTF. Only the first 250 people to complete the quest get a coin and I am sitting at 204. If anything new pops up tonight I've got my raincoat and flashlight ready.

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