Monday, November 14, 2005

new reason to cache

There is a new contest for geocachers... the prize for completion is a new geocoin. Coin Quest requires you to log 16 different caches on or after Nov 12 that fit different criteria (you can't revisit a cache.) Some of the requirements include a cache in a graveyard, a cache by a cave, and a cache near a statue. While the cache may meet multiple requirments you can only use it for one. The first 250 cachers to complete the 16 requirements get a coin. So far I've completed one, and can soon log a second (you can only log 1 every 24 hours.) Like most contests a new cacher could clean up on this one.

Pizza XXXIV is up and this will conclude a successful year of monthly events. The old record for consecutive monthly events was 4... the first 4 to be exact July to October of 2002.

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