Monday, November 07, 2005

Blazer tickets

Well I called today to talk to the Blazers about the tickets I was suppose to have won. I didn't quite know how I should handle it... it was disapointing, and actually kind of embarrasing to go up to the window expecting tickets and not have anything waiting. Anyway the lady I spoke with was very appologetic and didn't know what had happened. So to make a long story short I should be mailed 4 tickets for a game April 1 vs. Utah. The reason I chose a game so many months from now is because there are no games on Saturday until then and Saturday is just the easiest day for me to go. So I was suppose to get two tickets and now I get 4... not too bad I suppose.


Anonymous said...

The least that Paul Allen could do is come pick you up in GP in one of his Jets. Let me talk to him about PATIENCE with the Blazers. If you ask me the slide began way back when they let Clyde Drexler go. Then the Choking incident with Latrell Sprewell. Then Stoudamire hiding Marijuana inside Aluminum foil while going through an Airport Security Checkpoint. Then the authorities finding a 1lb bag of Marijuana at Stoudamire's unlocked and open-doored home and having him say "It's not mine." Well BS. Until the Blazers make some wholesale changes they can count me out as a fan. I'll root for the Sonics before the Trail Gangstas.

Anonymous said...

4 tickets you say!