Wednesday, March 30, 2005

One cache closer

I inched one cache closer to 600 today when I found its a rock by Two Tracks. There were a few more very close caches but I was in CJ for work so I just found this one cache and walked past another close one that had a muggle too close for me to look. Muggles seem to be stopping me at a lot of caches... its a trend I don't like.

I got my wireless router and my wifi detector. Now I can surf the internet on my PDA anyplace in my home, and I can search for wifi anyplace I may be (never found a thing in CJ.) When using my wifi detector earlier I found a bluetooth conection down the street... I might have to check that out.


LazyBoy said...

Hey, your blog needs updating.

And the router at the dive shop needed to be plugged in. I changed the posistion today and the signal is much stronger outside.

blazerfan said...

I knew it had to have been off because I had no signal at all. Next time I'm over that way I'll stop by again.