Saturday, June 08, 2013

Three Corners and back

I took a few days off for some big geocaching adventure. The first day I spent at Hart Mt Antelope refuge. No geocaches there, but I did get major sunburn when hiking up the hill near Poker Jim Ridge. It was cool and sunny and I never really thought about sun screen. I'm still recovering.

The next day my Dad and I trekked out to McDermitt, NV from here we would make our way out to Three Corners. This is the corner confluence of Oregon, Idaho and border of Nevada. I've been thinking about this cache for years. Its been on my bucket list and probably talked about in this blog a time or two. Many long nights I've studied aerial photos and maps dreaming of the day.

I tried not to let my major sunburn ruin things for me. It is a long ride starting on the McDermitt Indian Reservation and going through the Quinn River Canyon. This part of the trip is really very nice. Tons of wild flowers on the hills this time of year. The road crosses the river a few times but right now its not an issue. As you get out of the canyon the terrain becomes flat expanses of sage brush. The road is heavily rutted and you need a high clearance 4x4. Reaching the corner though was quite an experience.

We also took a trip up to a location called Anderson Crossing, This is a spot you can go down the canyon and cross the Little Owyhee River. I also learned that Owyhee is an old spelling of Hawaii and the area was named after 3 Hawaiian trappers, Who would have known? Finds on this trip include

Coming back we went to Jordan Valley, OR the next day and took a trip out to an area called 3 Forks where a couple forks of the Owyhee River come together. Only found one cache down there

There is also a nearby hotspring. The road to that one is an adventure. Here you can see it across the river. It was occupied so we didn't try to go over there.

Found 2 other caches on the highway and in Jordan Valley

Rock Creek Seeding

More on the trip tomorrow...

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