Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas! belated

The world didn't end, but my habbit of posting on Christmas day did. The tradition of finding a Christmas cache however lives on as I found


Really easy cache that didn't even require a GPS. That one probably does me in for 2012. I'll end with just 126 caches for the year, but that is 3 more then last year.

Christmas was a really good day. Spent the time with my family and had roast beef dinner. I got a new Roku streaming player, and so far I think it rocks. It lets you stream TV shows and movies from the internet to your TV. I used it last night to watch the blazer game on NBA Broadband. Most of what you get is "on demand" which is nice if you know what you want to watch (and its available somewhere). It does take away from the "channel flipping" of normal TV.

Hope you all had a good Christmas as well. I'll be thinking back and doing a summary of the year soon. Have to think up my favorite geocaches of 2012.

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