Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012

The year is over. 2012 was the year the world was suppose to end, but as we can see it continues despite a Mayan calendar and a fiscal cliff. 2012 did see the end of Hostess cupcakes and the First man to walk on the moon. It also saw Olympics, elections and 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. On the geocaching front it was slow for myself, but saw a few highlights.
  • Hid one cache
  • Found 43 caches on 8/4 with DaveyDude and Biggeet_al
  • Found my first caches in Idaho
  • Found my first Munzee
  • With Cliff (aka Turner) taught a couple hundred cub scouts about geocaching

Some of my favorite caches of 2012 include:
After some thought I think my goal for 2013 is to have more "favorite" caches for the year. At least one a month. So I'll search out the best of the best and make the effort to go after it. Hopefully that means seeing you all out on the trail. Better yet... lets just make plans to go together.

Thank you to everyone who hid the caches I found in 2012. Have a Happy New Year!

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