Sunday, October 07, 2012

Mt. Elijah

Last week I talked to Dr.Dan about making a trip out to Mt. Elijah for a couple of caches one still unfound. The trail head is a ways off I estimated about a 90 minute drive from Grants Pass. Most of my hiking books give directions from Williams but we came from the Oregon Caves. I decided on that path partly because there were fewer turns to goof up and because its the second weekend of hunting season and there would be fewer to run into from the caves direction.

The hike itself was not too bad. The trail makes a series of switchbacks and then comes up a ridge line. You have good views of Bigelow Lakes as well as the rest of the valley. There is another trail to Lake Mt peak and the NF boundary that might need to be explored later.

At the top were these caches:

Mt. Elijah Cache
Mt Elijah #2 

On the way up I hid my first cache since 2009

"Kelly" Bigelow Lake 

Its right off the trail to Mt Elijah as a side trail splits off to the lake. We'll see if Kelly ever goes after his tribute cache.


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Timothy Mayer said...

Great pictures! Just completed my 100th find yesterday.