Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Lots of news this month that I am behind on. First as of tomorrow I work for Washington Federal bank (at least for a while) that means 3 banks in less then 3 years and I never left the same office. We'll see how well this conversion goes.

Second I found some caches with Turner over the weekend and we went to an event. It was actually the first event I attended this year. That is pretty sad as we use to have monthly events around here. We even found a couple of "penny pipe" caches which are a plastic tube closed on one end with a penny wedged into it. The other end is open. The log in the first one was only held in by friction. I'm not sure these containers will last through the winter, but we'll see. There are certainly a lot of them.

My new cache "Kelly" Bigelow Lake has had a few finds and that will probably be all until next year. My second newest cache Little Craggy Falls has been found twice this year after it had gone 2 years without a find. My personal favorite of my caches Taylor Camp Cache hasn't been found since 2009. These out of the way caches are usually among the best and more then ever they are the ones I am seeking out. However the weather will keep some of them out of reach for a while.

Tonight was also opening night for the Trail Blazers and they beat the LA Lakers 116-106.

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