Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No whining... the controversy

As of late there has been some talk about a new cache in the area


I've had conversations with a few geocachers about this one. I also declined the opportunity to search for it earlier in the week. Lets face it... I'll probably never get around to it. The cache started with 12 DNFs. That is about 10 more then it takes to be on my list to skip, but not everyone is as smart as me.

The problem with a difficult cache is that the area gets torn up by everyone that looks. Rocks get thrown about, moss gets stripped from trees, sticks and leaves get moved around until only bare dirt remains... and on and on. No single geocacher is usually to blame for this, it just gets a little worse on each visit. A standard geocache in a natural setting has an impact, but the difficulty amplifies that impact. The difficulty of a cache should take into account the environment that it is hidden in.

With that said I haven't actually looked at the area... or for the cache. There are plenty of caches around to find so I probably never will.

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