Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday September 16

So in this backlog I was on a vacation of sorts. I took the week off of work and was just relaxing. I had been sick for several days however and thats not a good way to spend your time off. So what do you do when you don't feel well and its freezing outside? You wrap up in several layers and go geocaching of course.

On this day it had been freezing early, but by the time I thought about this around 11 the sun was out and things were starting to thaw. I drove up to the trails and started my hike. My understanding was that the trail made a loop so I took the high trail... well I'm not sure where that part of the trail actually led. I ended up on a dirt road where there was a lot of dumped trash. I took a few up hill shortcut trails and eventually worked my way back. I found the furthest out of the caches first, Twisted. I walked a ways back and one again found myself with a high trail or a low trail. This time I took the low trail and eventually came up on a cache that was between the two, Understanding... I walked up to it and after finding that one I decided to take the high trail. Well it turns out the next cache was on the low trail... this trail is actually a loop that starts just a ways down the path of the first low trail that I didn't take in the beginning... I didn't know this yet however. Are you still following me? anyway I was very close to two caches but ended up passing both of them and coming to the next, Happy Trails or Tails. So I found this one and this happens to be were the loop starts... and I had a cache on each side.... so I made the loop again finding Burned Out and then Oak Identification 101. This ended uncle Duck's new caches so I proceded back down the trail and picked up Huff & Puff and Midway which have been there for a while and I just hadn't gotten around to. I then walked back to the car and found the last cache I needed Tree Warts which gave me 8 for the day.

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