Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting near the end... of 2008

So the year is coming to an end. 2008 has been pretty good for geocaching despite how slow I might appear to be. I'm trying to get my numbers together and start compiling a list of the best caches of 2008. I put up a list of my favorite finds for the year every December 31. Some people might look at my past lists and ask "why is that one on there" well sometimes its just a great hide, a great location, or the fact that I just had a lot of fun the day I found it so it sticks out in my mind. I tend to have a bias to caches found outside of the Rogue Valley probably because these trips tend to stay in my memory longer.

It looks like I'll end the year with 1619 finds, but I have one more find that I'm waiting to log (a cache in Nevada that was hidden while I was there... I'm waiting for someone to come along and log a FTF) For those who are pure in geocaching heart this might sound like cheating, but in a game with no rules or winners it doesn't really matter much does it? I probably have a couple dozen questionable finds. I could have had about 50 more finds if I claimed every cache that Sally hid while we were out caching... now that I've adopted most of them it would probably be really bad form to go and backlog them. It just goes to show that every cheater has his limits.

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