Monday, October 20, 2008

A Trip East

I was talked into going on a little camping trip with my family this weekend at Hart Mountain just outside of Plush, OR. I took a day off and ended up finding 8 caches along the way, but none on the other days. Mostly caches on Highway 140 between Medford and Lakeview. While in the area I saw some wildlife (including 30 bighorn sheep) and searched for sunstones.

There is a section of BLM land designated as a sunstone collection area. I took coordinates at the area with the idea of maybe setting up an Earthcache. When I got home and started filling out the form it is required that you have permission and a contact person to set up the cache. While it might not be hard to call the Lakeview BLM office and inquire about permission the whole idea just put an end to my enthusiasm. When there is no container and public land I just can't see the need to ask permission.

So these were my finds for the weekend:

Great Meadow Rest Stop
Sanitary Stop
Old Railbed
breadcrumbs # creek

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Anonymous said...

I don't know to what form you're referring, but I have to agree that it doesn't make sense to have to get permission for a location on public land that doesn't have a container. Hopefully, there's a misunderstanding about requiring permission especially since you're not setting up an actual cache, only a virtual one, and you'll be able to create an Earthcache for the sunstone area.