Thursday, October 23, 2008

In the news

The local Medford newspaper has a story today about geocaching. Several locals get a mention including Beaver Lover, Peanuthead, The Lost Patrol and even myself.

You can read the article here.

Does it make me a more legit cacher now that I've been mentioned in the news paper? I'm glad she picked my better quotes. If she had just relied on me it would have been a terrible article. I think I did right by leading her to Chris, Nick and Mark... even if they are addicted to picking up Travel Bugs and Geocoins.

Update: I didn't notice at first that the captions on the pictures were wrong (they are now fixed online but the printed version is wrong.) Now people are going to think that I'm Peanuthead... or that Mark is blazerfan. I wasn't on the geocaching trip. Poor Peanuthead... he finally gets his picture in the paper and they put my name on it.

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