Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trail Blazers

Yesterday I went to my first Trail Blazer game of the season. They took on the Dallas Mavericks and played very well leading pretty much the whole game. They let the Mavs come back at the end but hung on for the win.

I've been boycotting the Blazers this season because of their TV coverage in our area (ie "little of none") If I hadn't got these tickets for free it would have been the first season since 1996 that I didn't go to a game. I didn't buy any food at the Rose Garden... and no shirts, sweaters, hats or anything all season long. Obviously my impact has not been very significant. Sadly I now feel that my only hope for getting CSN (the new channel with the Blazer games) lies with the Oregon Ducks. If UofO decides to show football games on CSN maybe the Duck fans will be vocal enough to get Charter to pick up the station.

Here is a picture of me at the game

I also found three geocaches on a brief stop in Corvallis on my trip north.

Whimsical Academic Jail
GGG #1
The Cedars


Dan said...

This is a nice picture of you there.
If you say it was you, I have to believe you.LOL
NO game more caching time.

blazerfan said...

I have to admit... I'm not 100% sure thats me, but it is very close to where I was sitting. If I could see even the fuzzy image of the person on either side of me I'd have a better clue. I'll just continue to believe its me so I can say I had my picture on ESPN.