Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weekend of caches

Yesterday Daveydude and I went out to Cave Junction to find some of the new caches in the area and pick up a few older ones. These were my finds for the day.

Mother Hubbard
1 + 7 =8 cache
2 + 6 =8 cache
2 x 4=8 cache
8 cache
1 dollar cache
4 dollar cache
7 dollar cache
8 dollar cache
View #1
Those Flyboys Gotta Love Em
You turn me right & left
“The Secret Cache Stage 1”
“The Secret Cache Stage 2”
“The Secret Cache Stage 3”

We ran out of time to complete the secret cache series. So those must wait for another day.

Today I decided to pick up a few and ended with 7. I was thwarted by muggles all day... including a concert and sidewalk chalk artists. These were my finds

Tower Power
It's Done 2
Over the bridge
cornered -- no longer Centered
Hello Gilbert
R and R

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