Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Columbus Day caching

Yesterday was Columbus Day, and that means a day off for me. Some people don't think Columbus should be honored with a holiday, but I disagree. I'm an equal opportunity holiday taker... I'll take a day off paid in the name of just about anyone.

With the day off I called up my uncle Duck to see if he was interested in picking up some new caches. Mainly I wanted to get a new cache called Tombstone. This cache is in and old tombstone quarry recently discovered in Josephine County. It is an interesting place with several stones in different stages of completion. A tombstone quarry also makes for a perfect October cache.

Also found 10 other caches that I had been saving up in the area

You're Benched
ODS Snoogan's 5 - GP
Camping Out in Joy
Three at Sixty-One
Would You Marry Harris?

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