Saturday, September 09, 2006

gonna take a lot of money

Getting ready for the big cache trip today... I bought some new tires, got my oil changed and replaced a burned out brake light. Will need to start charging up all my batteries and getting some pocket queries downloaded. Since we only need one cache per section I've mainly looked for easier ones right off the road.

Would kindof be nice if someone would hide us a new cache in the south of Section 31... the only one there seems to be a micro up in the hills. If anyone from the k-falls area reading would like to help out please hide an easy cache just north of Bly (has to be just over N42* 30.000) we'll be there next Saturday.

We're also trying to complete the Counting Counties in Oregon cache. Wheeler county looks like the one that will give us some fits as its not really in our route, but is pretty far away for us to leave undone. I'd ask for someone to hide us a cache closer to the eastern border... but one of the rules is that the cache had to be placed before 2006.

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LazyBoy said...

A geocaching road trip? We used to do those things. Lots of fun. Now you'll have to do a cache machine.