Sunday, September 24, 2006

Day 7... belated

Well for Day 7 (Friday) we had planned to grab sections 55 and 56 as well as the original stash and then head home. We decided since Sally was so close to completing CCIO that we'd grab a cache in Polk and Benton County while we were at it. Well after 2 DNFs in section 55 and a lot of hard searching for other caches we finally finished around 9pm and still had the drive home from Corvallis making it our longest day.

I still have 4 sections of the DeLorme challenge to complete and Sally has 5. Sally is done with CCIO and I still need a qualifying cache in Coos County. So we still have a bit of caching to do, but we should be able to do it in a weekend.

Our finds for the day:
You Can Just Hold It Till The Next Town
Castaway's "Island Park" (Help Wanted)
marion forks gets stoned
Secret pond
The Benton Extension

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