Thursday, January 19, 2006

No more

I'm usually not prone to being upset by politics, but today they enacted a new policy for the geocoins forum. More or less you can't post a sale or a link to a sale of anything but a trackable geocoin. Ok I guess it makes business sense... they don't want people using their site to sell coins they don't make money on. Somehow this has struck me in a very negative way that I can't explain... I guess because had little to do with the hobby until they found they can make money on it. For 3 years its been pretty much a free market, and I thought it worked just fine.

So anyway my final decision is that I am stopping my collection of geocoins. It has gotten far too expensive and there are way too many coins being made for no good reason anyway. Every trackable coin in my collection was an extra $1.50 to them that I just don't care to pay anymore. I've never been a fan of trackable geocoins anyway... just an added cost with no benefit in my opinion.


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That BDC quacks me up.

Well Jeremy is very good at making money off of other peoples efforts, some would admire that.

What I loved about the Grateful Dead was they allowed fans to make money off of them. You could use their trademark or sell anything bootlegged and they didn't care. Jerry Garcia knew full well that he'd be a poor man without his fans and he had enough money to live a good life, althought sadly it was a short one.