Thursday, January 26, 2006


Well its been an interesting few days as indicated by my lack of blog entries. I've heard that this weekend may be the weekend we get washed away... suppose to rain a lot, but I'll believe it when I see it.

The last cache I tried for Cathedral Hills Hunt was pretty well hidden and I looked all around with no luck. My GPS was leading me in circles... I'll try it again on the next not so rainy day.

Since I gave up geocoin collecting I have put some of my money into some new LP's and fixing up a couple of old turntables I had. I've always liked vinyl records and have several of them but didn't have anyway to play them for a long time. Now I have 2 turntables... one I got from my uncle which I just have hooked up to some computer speakers. My problem with it was that without an pre-amp it just didn't put out enough sound... you had to have the speakers up all the way just to hear it. After a bit of looking I found a small, cheap pre-amp and now it works great. My other turntable is a portable one... its a small suitcase style one with a red and white checker pattern... the kind most kids would have had in the 60's I bet. It had quit on me a few years back but I didn't have the heart to get rid of it... turns out it only needed a new cartridge... so it was a cheap fix. I've been thinking about buying a new one just to have in my office at work... I've also considered Sirius satellite radio for work/home/car... big technology gap there huh?

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LazyBoy said...

I like the XM much more. Only thing Sirius has going for it is Stern, oh well :)