Monday, April 06, 2015

The driverless car

I've been thinking about this a lot so I've decided to put it in my blog. Where else would I put my thoughts after all? So excuse my rambling as this has nothing to do with geocaching or food carts.

Some people are afraid of the future. The idea that technology will take over our lives. We rely on technology, but have no clue how it works. Which brings me to the self driving car. Some people already claim that they could never trust such a thing as if us humans are somehow superior drivers. They must not see the divers I see everyday.

We like to believe there is a human component. Something that still makes us superior to machines. We built the machines and therefore they are subject to all the mistakes of humans. Machines however only have to flaws we give them, and that's why for the tasks we build them for they work better.

For the car its just a matter of time. It will happen slowly. Cars that can stop on their own and park themselves. Followed by partly automated and then fully automated. Soon only automated cars will be allowed on freeways, then highways. Traffic will flow better. Traffic accidents will be a distant memory. The drunk, stoned, distracted and tired can all drive home safely.

Imagine in the near future, a child will be born that will never know a person who died in an auto accident.

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