Monday, February 27, 2012

Memories of an odd bench

A little backlog for a cache earlier in the month. I got a call from Cliff (aka Turner) asking if I was going to the Discover Roseburg event. Sadly I had other plans but while we chatted he mentions he resurrected an old cache of mine and called it

Horse Lottery? Revisited

Of course my original cache wasn't much and certainly not one to be remembered, but those first couple dozen caches you find always seem to stay in memory. Anyway he mentioned it and I saw it hadn't been found... so I went and grabbed the FTF. Very rare for me these days. Only my second cache of the year and I didn't need my GPS for either of them. My new GPS is probably wishing it was purchased by a real geocacher so it could go on adventures. I'll have to dust it off soon.

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