Monday, December 26, 2011

Tom Pierce Trail

Decided I needed a few more caches today so I could hit the 2222 find milestone. Sadly I guess I only needed 6 and now sit at 2223. I swear it said 2215 last night. Anyway it doesn't matter I'd have to pass it up someday.

Just to bring up old times 2223 caches ties me with the famous Rooster- for finds. Of course he quit caching a long time ago.

Today's finds included

T.P. Starter
T. P. Trail #1
T. P. Trail #2
T. P. Trail #3
T. P. Trail #4
T. P. Trail #5

These were all on the newer Tom Pierce bike trail. Someday this should be the start of the greenway bike path all the way to Ashland. I just hope they finish it before I'm too old to ride on it.

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