Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What happens when the FDIC comes to town

Its been a long time between blogs. I've had like 9 finds though so it hasn't been all bad geocaching wise.

As many of you know I worked for Home Valley Bank the last 8 years and it was taken over by the FDIC on July 23. I didn't lose my job so to say, but I definitely have a much different one. I lost a fair amount of money in the process both in 401k and personal stock I had. Needless to say the last 90 days haven't been fun. The month of June hoping that nothing happens. The Month of July preparing for takeover. And the month of August spent digging through the ashes. Dreams, money and hard work all gone.

I took a couple of weekends off to escape, but sadly always came back to the same reality.

I didn't have a lot of time to look after my caches and had a couple of them archived on me. I almost pulled a LazyBoy and archive them all, but in reality even that would have taken more time then I had to dedicate. The only one I cared about though was my A Cool Stop cache. One of my favorite places. Now it has a new cache dedicated to a "crummy little trickle of water"... I guess at least its not a micro.

I have a few caches in need of repair, but if I do get out to them it will be to pull and archive. Perhaps I should wait until I'm in a better mood for some of them.


Beaver Lover said...

Hang in there and just do the job they ask of you. South Valley is a good company. I know a couple of VP's in Medford pretty well.

Monterey Company Blog said...

Breathe... We are all recovering and in the same boat. Time has a way of settling us down a bit. I would wait it out and see how you feel in a month or two.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Blazerfan :)

I don't know if you could have moved/pulled your 401k before the downfall but that is moot now.

I may be new, I am also eager too :).

I have not seen any of your caches yet here in Southern Oregon. If you need/want help with your caches you should ask some of us S.O. geo folks :) I think we'd all be happy to help you.

Don't archive them if you can help it :)

T'care and good luck and thanks for the help on the forums!