Friday, February 19, 2010

Backlog - February 13

As usually I am a bit behind on my blog. This last weekend Daveydude and I headed to Coos Bay for the "10 Years of Geocaching", Wintertime Fun-1 #4 event. This is the second year I have attended and for many it is a must do event. There were nearly 200 people in attendance. We found a lot of caches on the way over and the weather was great. I found my 1900th cache on this trip. Besides the event these were our finds:

Eat first then you end up with gas
Umpqua Winery & Vineyard Series #15
Suicidal Tendencies
Last of this Dorsey of Gnomes
Middle Fork View
Supply Stop
Roadkill Cache
Oregon Keychain Exchange
It's A Boat Time
Captanrdr's Big Bank
Winter Lake
Cold hard cache!
Just A Lil' In-Spire-d
IPS on the Pacific
Urban Camo #3 on the Pacific
Seek & you shall find...
Ode To Freddy's Deck REVISITED
Turn around here!
Drive-in Theater Bay
Only you can prevent Forest Fires
March Madness
Pit Stop!
Blackberry Pie
Metric Eyeopener

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