Monday, November 02, 2009


Found my first cache of November

ABC Challenge

This challenge required you to find a cache starting with each letter of the alphabet. It took me a while to collect all 26. Q, X, and Z are not super popular. Eventually all of them popped up in the local area for me to find. The final is in Albany. I was up there visiting my friend Dave and going to the Oregon State game. Made for a good excuse to stop for the cache.


Unknown said...

Due to an over eager cacher placing tons of cachers on a very long logging road, I was able to complete both Maines AlphaNumeric Challenge and the Centrum Challange (100 in a 24 hour period)this year. It's definitely fun to complete major challenges like this. Next I'm working on Maine's Delorme Challenge. That should keep me busy for quite a while. Good luck with yours.

Dan said...

Looks like fun cache/challenge.
But must have log a lot of miles to get all of these.
Happy caching.

Dan said...

Over the turkey week end I looked into the cache I had done, and found that I did have the ABC done.
Don't know if I get the cache??
Thanks for the cool one.