Monday, October 05, 2009

Finds by date

I was reading popop's blog today and say his post for a new challenge cache.

Days of the Year Challenge

Mike had nearly 90% I only have 64%... at least I do have a February 29 so I won't have to wait till 2012, but with the way I do things it will probably take even longer then that. I do have enough local caches saved up that I could potentially complete this, but the soonest would be October 2, 2010. Here is my chart.

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Unknown said...

I believe I am going to have to place an identical cache here in Maine knowing that the amount of hits per year might only be one or two. This is a just an awesome challenge. Currently Maine only has a few major challenges like this. We have the Delorme like everywhere else, the Adventure Challenge (get 6 cache types in a day, including an event), and the Alpha Numeric (get a cache where name starts with 0-9 and A through Z). This idea is a great one to add to the state.