Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Backlog - May 2

I was being pretty lazy in may it appears. Found very few caches and I made even fewer blog entries. So we'll take the "wayback" machine all the way to May 2.

I was in Las Vegas again and it just happend to be the weekend of a flash mob event happening right on the strip WWFM V (Las Vegas) - Pirate's Booty. The idea was to stay away from Ground zero and try to blend in... then when the signal is given all group together. You weren't suppose to mingle with anyone till they made the call. I spotted a few cachers I had met previously on my trips and tried to stay away. I did say hi to a pair of cachers from Arizona as I walked to GZ... he asked how I knew he was a geocacher... I told him because of his geocaching t-shirt... hahaha. So we all grouped together and took some pictures. People on the strip looked at us like we were crazy. It was all good fun.

Just before the event I had stop to get a virtual cache

"The Presidential Suite"

A bit of interesting Las Vegas history.

I am currently reading two books about Las Vegas. Inside Las Vegas by Mario Puzo and The Green Felt Jungle by Ed Reid. One of these days I might even finish them.

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